Award-winning MyAlpaca duvets and pillows combine nature’s finest materials with a tradition of artistry handed down over generations.

We fill all of our duvets and pillows with 100% precious alpaca fibre, which in addition to being healthy and natural is also silky soft and exceptionally light.

Experience being enveloped in MyAlpaca and discover the perfect formula for a soothing, replenishing night’s rest.

Toile de MyAlpaca Pink Fondant

Every duvet and pillow in the Toile de MyAlpaca Pink Fondant Anniversary Collection comes in its own hand-made travel cotton case with our toil de jouy pattern in pink colour.

Created for us by the Swedish pattern designer
Bärbel Dressler.

The qualities of alpaca fibre make it simply the best available material for bedding that is both beneficial and durable.

Lightweight, soft, breathable, moisture wicking and uniquely thermoregulatory, alpaca fibre is as luxurious as fine cashmere. It is, however, six times better at retaining heat and three times more durable than sheep’s wool. It also contains no lanolin.

Our process is exacting and demanding, but it is the only way to ensure perfection.

The story of every duvet and pillow begins with the washing and carding of newly shorn raw alpaca fibre. Next, our artisans work meticulously to fill, encase, hand-stitch and finish each piece individually. A single mid-size duvet takes 15 hours to complete.


Our bedding is the pinnacle of hand-crafted luxury and it is a cut above the rest for healthy, comfortable sleep.

The authentic, naturally chic style of a MyAlpaca throws makes them ideal for home décor and extra luxurious comfort on armchairs, sofas, or sides of a bed.

For our handwoven throws, baby alpaca yarn is combined with luxurious cashmere and merino wool to ensure higher durability, softness and an extremely fine & silky touch feeling.