Alpaca Duvets

Our handmade duvets are filled with 100% pure alpaca fibre for unsurpassed comfort and exceptional thermoregulatory and hypoallergenic qualities.

Single duvet: 140 x 200 cm
Fibre fill level: all-season

They are encased in a light and breathable 100% natural cotton, densely woven, silky white, soft, light and breathable, with a natural sheen.

Double duvet: 200 x 200 cm
Fibre fill level: all-season

Our duvets are handmade by artisan quiltmakers using traditional techniques to deliver unrivalled heat distribution without the cold spots at the seams common in machine-quilted and factory-sewn products.

Handmade duvets and pillows are also more durable and long-lasting than mass-market ones.

Toile de MyAlpaca Pink Fondant

Every duvet and pillow in the Toile de MyAlpaca Pink Fondant Anniversary Collection comes in its own hand-made travel cotton case with our toil de jouy pattern in pink colour.

Created for us by the Swedish pattern designer
Bärbel Dressler.

Why does sleeping under a MyAlpaca duvet feel so special?


Alpacas come from the Andean highlands, where they withstand both severe frost and scorching heat because their fleece consists of hollow-shaft fibres that make this possible.

Much in the same way, MyAlpaca duvets adjust to the body’s temperature changes during sleep.


Alpaca fibre absorbs moisture but does not retain it to leave you feeling dry and comfortable.

Plus, a breathable and thermoregulating duvet means less sweat in the first place.


Alpaca fibre has been shown to bring relief to people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Recommended by the Polish Society of Allergology.

Filling level and duvet warmth



Contains 200g of alpaca fibre per m2. Ideal for spring and summer or for those who tend to get too hot and wish to avoid overheating.



Contains 400g of alpaca fibre per m2. Throughout most of Europe, this is a perfect choice for year-round use. Of course on freezing nights some will need an extra blanket and in a heat wave a flat sheet might be a better choice. Note that the perception of cold and heat varies among individuals and depends on the temperature of the home, personal preference and one’s choice of bed linens and sleep clothing.



Contains 600g of alpaca fibre per m2. Recommended for cold winters and for people who have a tendency to get cold, such as those suffering from poor circulation. Also great as part of a set of two, in combination with a summer fill duvet.

Select the perfect duvet size

Duvet size depends on the size of your bed and your preferences.

Because we make our duvets to order, we can create one for you in any size you require. Contact us, to order a bespoke duvet.