For Allergy Sufferers

Health-promoting and hypoallergenic alpaca fibre is the perfect bedding material for people suffering from allergies or asthma. We use no harsh chemicals to process alpaca fibre and wash it using only the gentlest organic soap.

Alpaca fibre contains no lanolin or lipids of any kind. It is also dry and hollow, which is why it is inhospitable to the mites that ordinarily nest in foam, polyester and down.

Alpaca fibre is also a wonderful solution for people allergic to sheep’s wool – whether the triggering factor is wool’s lanolin content or the chemicals and detergents used in wool processing.

Alpaca Duvets & Pillows

Our handmade duvets are filled with 100% pure alpaca fibre for unsurpassed comfort and exceptional thermoregulatory and hypoallergenic qualities. They are encased in a light and breathable 100% natural cotton satin, densely woven, silky white, soft, light and breathable, with a natural sheen.