Smart growth operational programme

Smart Growth Operational Programme Action: 3.3. Support for the promotion and internationalization of innovative enterprises. Sub-measure 3.3.3. Support for SMEs in the promotion of product brands – Go To Brand.

Project “Promotion of MyAlpaca duvets, pillows and accessories on prospective markets in the USA, UAE and other foreign markets.”

Project POIR.03.03.03-18-0021/19
Project value: : 485 000 PLN
Share of European Funds: 85%
Co-financing value: : 412 000.00 PLN

The objective of the project is to promote the MyAlpaca brand and a collection of high quality, hypoallergenic duvets, pillows and blankets on foreign markets through participation in the POLISH FASHION promotion programme.

The planned effects include increasing exports of MyAlpaca products and increasing brand awareness and recognition outside of Poland.