Toile de MyAlpaca Collection

Toile de MyAlpaca has been inspired by the XVIII century Toile de Jouy patterns and designed for us by Bärbel Dressler, a Swedish surface and pattern designer.


Every duvet and pillow in the Toile de MyAlpaca Limited Edition comes in its own hand-made cotton travel case.


Bärbel Dressler is a surface and pattern designer living in Sweden where she runs her business Bear Bell Productions – with a focus on creating patterns and artwork for companies around the world. She has created patterns for interior details, home textiles, apparel, shoes as well as branding and promotional assets.

I loved creating the MyAlpaca toile-pattern and I had a pretty clear idea right from the start of how I wanted it to look and feel. The brief had some fun ingredients and then I developed the theme and scenes to support that, with the MyAlpaca character in a quaint, pastoral setting, enjoying nature as a place for comfort and rest. Which is exactly what MyAlpaca duvets and pillows are about.

Alpaca Duvets & Pillows

Our handmade duvets are filled with 100% pure alpaca fibre for unsurpassed comfort and exceptional thermoregulatory and hypoallergenic qualities. They are encased in a light and breathable 100% natural cotton satin, densely woven, silky white, soft, light and breathable, with a natural sheen.