Unique Designs

How do you recognize an original
MyAlpaca duvet?

If you look closely, you will notice that the corners extend out beyond a regular rectangle. This is one of the keys to our products’ exceptional performance. Thanks to this proprietary superb-fit shape, our duvets and pillows fill out their covers more snugly than regular bedding, leaving no empty corners. Some people even report that our special corners make it easier to put on the duvet cover.


Quilting Pattern

Our hand-quilting pattern differs from machine quilting, allowing even distribution of heat and preventing cold spots from appearing at the seams.

All MyAlpaca products are legally protected as EU Registered Community designs (numbers 002524173 and 002524181). Unauthorized copies will be treated as violations of legal regulations.



MyAlpaca has been recognised by the design circles in Poland. Among others, our products received in 2015 the Łódź Design Festival’s MUST HAVE award, which is given each year to the 65 best new products on the market and a GOLDEN MEDAL at the International Poznan Fair in 2019.


with talented designers

Original Brand, Product And Packaging Design Developed By Beza Projekt

Beza Projekt is an avant-garde design studio founded by Anna Łoskiewicz-Zakrzewska and Zofia Strumiłło-Sukiennik. Their portfolio contains a broad range of bold and innovative projects, often utilizing the latest technologies and materials.

With a great team with and proven subcontractors, they continually deliver a range of unique products. In addition, Beza Projekt create interior designs (involving custom-made furniture and solutions), small architecture, exhibition systems and furniture for public spaces.

Beza project has been honored with awards such as: Wizard of the Year 2013 of Magazine Design Alive, Make me! Lodz Design Festival 2013 MUST HAVE! Lodz Design Festival 2013. AMORIM and Domaine Boisbuchet of 2012 and the Cannes Lions shortlist in 2012.

Myalpaca Travel Cases
Designed By Magdalena Komar

Magdalena Komar has graduated from ESMOD in Paris in 1997 with the prestigious special award of Christine Lemaire.

Between 1997 and 2001 she worked as a costume designer for films, music videos and theatre in Warsaw, Poland. During 2001- 003 she was trained as a multimedia textile designer at Loughborough University College of Art and Design.

Since her graduation she works as a freelance textile designer and has sold her projects to the major pret a porter and haute couture houses like: Chanel, Fendi, Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, DKNY, Aleksander Wang, Keneth Cole, Zac Posen, Victoria Secret, Calvin Klein Home, Ostinelli Seta, Atelier Montex, MTX Broderie Architecturale and many others.

Since 2010 she works at Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts as a tutor at the Fashion Department.

Toile De Myalpaca
By Bärbel Dressler

Bärbel Dressler is a surface and pattern designer with a focus on creating patterns and artwork for companies around the world. She has created patterns for interior details, home textiles, apparel, shoes as well as branding and promotional assets.

Her work is often described as sophisticated, evocative and detailed. Bärbel’s fascination with historical periods has not only inspired her work but was also how she learned to create her patterns. By studying the motifs, compositions and techniques behind classic pattern styles like Toile de Jouy, Indian Florals, Paisley, Damask and Arts & Crafts, she acquired the skills to create advanced, sophisticated and detailed designs.

Bärbel runs her design business Bear Bell Productions from her home studio in Vega, just south of Stockholm and besides surface design she also teaches online courses in pattern design and illustration.