About us

We created the MyAlpaca brand and range of products because we believe that healthy, comfortable and luxurious sleep is essential to long life and sustained happiness.

In order to deliver the very best bedding possible, we decided to combine modern textile knowledge and materials with traditional hand-quilting methods and artisanal attention to detail. Thus, our work preserves and promotes the quality and artistry of meticulous craftsmanship – and makes it available to today’s discerning customer.

We handcraft each duvet and pillow with attention to every detail, using traditional guild quilting methods. Our company’s looms are built according to traditional designs. Our carding machine is a renovated classic that has served generations of master craftsmen – and we acquired it and restored it with the knowledge and experience of artisan quilters working today.

We are proud to both protect an endangered handicraft from disappearing and help train and employ a new generation of master craftsmen – all while making such luxurious and beneficial products entirely by hand.

In the course of our work we have gotten to know and love alpacas. They are gentle, happy animals, generously giving of their fibre, which happens to be a medium suited to hand labour and the perfect material for duvets and pillows that are as beneficial as they are luxurious.

Magdalena Kot- Kyriazis – owner, CEO